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( one item - standard in-studio, place-on-table, no frills, light and shoot type )

               # of images                                          $ per image

               1 to 10                                                  $20.00

               11 to 30                                                $18.00

                31 to 60                                                $16.00

                61 to 99                                                $14.00

                100 +                                                    $12.00


There is a Set-Up and Post Production Creative fee of $70.00 for each item.

 Additional charges for photo-shoot outside of studio.



Grouped Images, Creative Shots, Macro Photography, 

Illustrative Photography: Product is not in shot and usually superimposed later in Post Production. (eg. Think beautiful woman in a meadow on a sunny day.)

Lifestyle Images: Showing a product being used or in action.

Specialty Images: Products requiring us to change the studio setup and use specialized equipment.


Because product photography involves the uniqueness of products and the specific image requirements we may need to apply additional charges to your project.


Below are some of the common additional charges possible.


  • Product Weight (may require additional help and/or equipment)

  • Product Size (may require additional help and/or equipment) 

  • Product Preparation/ Packing (cleaning, assembly, re-packing, etc.)

  • Product Layout (multiple parts requiring a large area for layout)

  • Shipping (client required to pay for all shipping)

  • On location shoots outside of studio.                                  

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