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TMCC Solo  Exhibition 11/12/24 

I love these.
Robert's works are incredible.
Very Creative, Inspiring!

Love the adam and eve. How each was different and so alike at the same time almost making adam more human and eve more mystical thought still showing her humanity through her body.
I enjoyed your artworks. It's always interesting to see what is in someone else's head. this really is unusual for me but enjoyed the paintings and inspiries me to want to paint! Thanks!
I love the piece where the two people are trying to escape out of the web.
Great work! I love how the closer I look the more tiny details there are! Super creative!
I love the attention to detail with all the backgrounds.
I really felt drawn to the fluidity of all the artwork.
Awesome work! I love the fact that we can feel the emotions thru the drawing, Love it!!
Love the work. I think that some are too active and it can get hard to tell what's happening.
I love the dual expressions on "Farewell". To me it explores the mix of (?) and excitement of moving forward.
I enjoyed looking at the mix of blues in your "Private Dancer" painting, you are going places!
I really like the "Eve & Adam" oil painting and the way it captured emotion w/the poses.
I like the different poses. They're very different from what I'm used to.

I like the mermaid Flower look. It makes me think of a woman becoming a mom.
Very beautiful representation of humans & and their relationships! intertwine
I enjoy the pieces where the two people make up the insides of the animal-horse. (The Beast)
I don't understand
Amazing, Congrats!!
So cool and errie! 
Fantastic Show.
You have a unique style, personally, the horse (Death of Ticbalang) is my favorite, love the face.
Great job!
Cats Whiskers!
You're the best!! Wonderful technique.
Soothing work!
interesting subjects. I hope I catch future work.
great work.
I love all of it, I want to eat it :)
Beautiful and drenching.
I'm 80% sure these aren't anatomically correct.


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